07 June 2006

A slightly weary traveller

Oh yes I am a slightly weary traveller. I always knew that the glamour of travel would wear off but it was just a matter of when. And then ......every now and then I get re-energized.

Today I'm on a Harmony air flight. It's been a nice experience because my carry on luggage actually fits the "does your bag" fit metal structures they have at boarding gates.

If you don't travel often follow these rules for a quicker check in when heading stateside:

The check in desk commented on my readiness.

Yes my passport was out (so pull your passport out before you get to the counter)
Yes I had the zip code to the address I was staying in the USA. (They have actually relaxed this but you still need the name and city location)
Yes my tickets were in order. (pull out your reference number or any other paperwork you might have BEFORE you get to the counter)
No my luggage wasn't overweight. (Take less than what you need)
Yes the custom forms were all filled in. (Fill these out before you get to the check in desk)

The seats were generous given that my knees weren't touching the front (I stand 5' 6 1/2 inches) They actually have me a breakfast wrapped burritto with no meat . A coffee. A water. And said hi. Friendliness goes a long way!

And they try to weasel $2.00 our of me for my blanket. I had my dual purpose cozy poncho with me in case it did get chilly.The head/loo/toilet/washroom/rest didn't smell of overused chemicals. A real person did the safety display versus relying on a video presentation. And everyone I had contact with was pleasant. Plus I booked the flight just 2 days ago and managed to get to Oakland California for a squeak over $300.00 including all taxes. Nice.

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