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You can also check me out here
The feed on this site if more related to the fresh produce grocery world.

And if you like to check out photos go to

Or to my album site at:

And then there is a spot where I post photos of produce displays I like. You can check that out right here:

I'm lost and confused on the internet world but it seems I have a couple of other blogs.

I'm trying to merge them together but in the meantime please also visit  - which is where I try to post my food thoughts. - which I am trying to merge with little success (well not enough time devoted to try and figure it all out).

I used to use a Live Template but have now converted to a more static one. On the far left and just below the title you will see the first tab -if you click on that you are given several options such as snapshot, classic, flipcard, magazine, mosaic, sidebar, timeslide - select any of those options and you will get the same information but in a different format. It is actually fun as you determine the layout you like best.

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