15 January 2007

Eco Coffee

Took one small detour to see an eco-coffee organization with 450 members including 40 organic growers. It was a great two hour tour. Thank goodness the coffee tour guide came out and showed us how to kick our jeep into the 4x4 mode – otherwise it would have been a much more painful drive to our next destination! And really what is the point of booking a jeep if you don't know how to drive it?

Finally we reached St. Elena though we did wonder if we would ever reach the town - we went up and down hills and corners and valleys and honestly the town is just a street or two.
Our first choice, recommended by Lonely Planet, had a room available. We took it – at $35 dollars or $13 each US it was worth it. Ran, the transplanted young Austin, Texas guy is just so very passionate and sat down for a good 20 minutes giving us the lay of the land. By now I’m sure he must have done this bit thousands of times but he still seemed excited sharing his knowledge and opinions.

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