22 July 2007

Could you please sell ripe avocados?

What would sell more avocados? It would be so nice to find a mix of almost ripe and then unripe ones. So often it is a Friday and I'm shopping and I decide I want an avocado for use the next day. And there they sit green, solid, firm - hmm it might not ripen for a week or two.

Or on the other hand - very soft and you hesitate - this is going to cost you $1 - $1.49 - will they cut brown or will they will be lovely, silky and perfect for the guacamole you are planning on making. Do you risk it?

Because the one thing consumers do - we don't bring our produce back to the store. And that is the truth. But it can hurt you because you darn well know that I won't be buying avocados in a hurry if my last one was a bad one.

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