23 July 2007

Sensual, here for a short time Taylor's Gold Pears.

Oh pears can be so very cheap or they can be so very expensive. These are ENZA (the brand name) Taylor's Gold (the variety) Pears from New Zealand (the country of origin) and they are available for only a few months every June, July and early August. Who's selling them in 2007 - you'll find them at Loblaws, Pete's Frootique, Coleman Newfoundland, and several other locations - but you won't find them cheap. Be forwarded. But it's cost you less than a glass of pinot noir at your local restaurant.

Now it is always hard if you see a pear for 99 cents and then the next one ranges in price from $1.99 to $2.99 a pear. So how do you get the consumer to try it out? First off you put up some signage and you build a decent display - what is the point of hiding a luxurious pear? You might as well be loud and proud of this expensive treat you are offering.

Then you make sure your produce managers have tried the pears. Get them to eat them so they discover how silky smooth Taylor's Gold pears are. Remind them that there are a snacking pear - they don't do so great in pies and tarts but they are juicy and beautiful when eaten out of hand.

And then get some signage up that screams to the customers - Try these seductive pears - these ones aren't for the kids - they are for you! Take a few home, squeeze gently and bit in when they are slightly soft to the touch.
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