21 January 2008

-13 Degrees at the Nevada Restaurtant on Queen St.E.

Nice balmy weather all last week I hear and the day I arrive a 100 car pile up on the 400, bone chilling winds and a deep desire for some good pasta. Jeannette suggests the Nevada on Queen Street and I agree - I've been there in the past and it is a warm cozy spot with a great patio.

We arrive. Are greeted and seated. The menus are given - they aren't very clean - lots of watermarks and other bits and pieces but we've been here before. Hmm, but where are all the pasta dishes and it seems a a lot of seafood (Atlantic salmon - I might as well not even ask if they have wild), and many other rather unusal dishes for an Italian eatery like spring rolls.

The waitress is lovely and we ask about ownership. She laughs and says it is owned by the Joos but we hear it is owned by the Jews. No, she says, the Joos as in Korean Joos pronounced the jews. At first we were a tad shocked however she did clarify it quickly.

The food - well I hear they are going to revamp the menu so I hesitate to comment as it will be changing. The rubbery calamari rings, which totaled 8 rings or are roughly $1.o0 a piece looked more like a garnish. I commented on and the waitress agreed. She came back with more. With a leap of optimism JR ordered the caprese salad with buffalo cheese - the over-chilled baffala was not buffalo and as for the tomatoes, "what was I thinking ordered a tomato dish in January?" I won't bore you with the remaining dishes. For $80 (including 3 glasses of wine) it was decent value due to generous portions of the mains (the pollo maximus chicken was gigantic) but wait for the revamp and try it later.

1963 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON M4L 1H9 416.691.8462
No website but if you google it you will find plenty of mentions.
One spot to check out:

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