23 May 2008

Sam has gone into remisison

Much to my surprise and delight Sam has gone into remission or that's what Dr. Finora (onocolgist) thinks.
He took some blood yesterday and will have the results sometime today.
He said he was looking really good, checked his lymph nodes and other body
parts and didn't feel any signs of growths. He said the drugs are doing what they are suppose to be doing!!

Sam is going to be famous.....the vet hospital we were as yesterday had a camera crew in filming a segment on Canine Cancer and Dr. Finora asked us if we would like to be part of the process.

Why yes we would, anything to help the canine cause. Next week it should be on sometime, Global News at 5:30 with Kevin Newman.

My sister is taping the news all next week so we don't miss it, they said Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, they weren't really sure of the actual air time.

It's good news for Sammy and myself, yeah!!!

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