09 July 2008

Prednisone and Canine Cancer Treatment

Sam has been on prednisone for the past two months for treatment of his lymphoma and the side affects have been, well interesting. Funny how the Vet never mentioned that any of this could happen, you would think that they would know all this stuff and that you wouldn't have to ask, ugh!!! I guess it's like humans we need to ask the questions!!

Side effects have been excessive panting which is making it very uncomfortable for him in this hot, humid Ontario weather. His breathing has become very short and rapid which makes it very unsettling for me because I think there is something wrong with him and I have been assured there is not and the best one is he looks like he is retaining water.

Everyone I meet thinks he is really overweight, he might be but I doubt it. He has been on a no carb diet since being diagnosed.

We are off to see the Oncologist next week and I am sure we will be giving blood to make sure his cancer is still in remission. Yeah, he is!!!!

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