10 September 2008

Where my money has been going in Italy

I have piles of little receipts... spending money here is like pouring wine...much too easy.

Sept 10 L'Incontro Bar Enotec Pasticceria gelateria Volterra 3 euros for a crusty eggplant, cheese, basil or some other green stuff with tomatoe plus 3 Euros for a Perroni beer.

Sept 7 Bar La Virgola di osteria la chiacchiera Sienna Aqua 1 E; caffee 1.50 This is the spot we meet Maggie and Ed from Colorado. Steep alleyway. After a beautiful church a stone's throw away.

Sept 8 Alimentari Prodotti tipici La Cerchia di Favillie Giacomo Monteriggioni e 4,90 spent

Sept 8 Pizzeri Osteria Borgobasso certaldo Simon sends us Coperto 1,50 Pizza 7,00 side of spinach and lemon 3,50 a 1/4 litre of wine in a lovely decaunter 2,50 versus the 2,00 for a glass she had. Total: 14,50 plus 1 euro on the table

Sept 9 Coop Unicoop Firenze 4 articoli (articles) Giallle plus 0,85; susine peaches 0,61, parmigiano reggian a steal at 15 e per kilo 1,71 and pickles 1,14 grand total 4,31.

Sept 9 Riccapizza SNC San Giminano 2,50 for a pizza slice that I consumed on the steps of the plaza

Sept 10 Coop again Morellino di Scansano 2007 0,375 litre 2,88 olives, peperoncini farcit, carciofi (artichokes), plums and peaches 8,72 euros total

Sept 6 Pizzicheria wine bar de miccholi carmela via san pietro the cat ladies caffe and wine 5 euros

Sept Bar L'aperitivo di carapelli gianni 3 items for 11,50 no idea what.

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