06 February 2009

Freezer food in hotel room

So I'm in my hotel suite which happens to have a lovely kitchen complete with dishwasher, fridge, 2 burner stove and the basics in equipment. I stop by the closest grocery stores since I'm without a car - the next 30 minutes are spent wandering the aisles of ACME (isn't that a dreadbul sounding name for a grocery store). Anyhow I finally settle one something I would never buy back home - frozen entrees. In this case it was a Bertolli Pasta and Sauce - Mushroom Ravioli in a mushroom cream sauce, imported from Italy.

The main reason for buying it: I understood almost all the ingredients - egg white lysozyme was the only tricky one and there was no added colours or chemically sounding ingredients. Unilever is a large company - glad to see they used minimum packagaing and real ingredients . 1-800-418-2302 http://www.bertolli.com/ if you wanted more info.

But check out how it comes out of the package - all frozen and those those rectangular cubes melt into the cream sauce. It as a little too saucy but the flavour was good. Now they do try to romanticize the product a bit much ....a morning chill...Italian artisan...picks fresh mushrooms...a sign escapes his lips....into his burlap bag...what beautiful music...I'm sure I was reading a romantic novel.

And then pure water - which makes me question what is pure water?

Anyhow the product was decent, I would buy it again and this time around it was rather enjoyable not to go out to eat.

I was tired and grumpy - this was nice comfort food with good taste.
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