21 February 2009

2nd Request - Not happy with purchase - what can I do about it

Originally I send this message on 01/03/2009 but I have not heard from anyone from your company.

Please advise - Otherwise I will mail it back to retailer in Ontario.

Hi there:

I picked up Juice Organics lip amplifier when I was in Ontario recently at a Loblaw/Fortinos store. I would take it back except that I'm now back in Vancouver, BC.

The product has an unpleasant aroma to it - it cost me nearly $10 and I would like to know if this is the normal smell or an abnormal one. It smells off.

I was going to mail it back to you but you don't have an address but the postal code on your package might be the best place for me to send it. You do you have an address on your website. My other choice is to return it via mail to the Fortinos store and ask for a refund. I have the original packaging, the product and the receipt.

Please advise what you would like me to do. I'm willing to have a replacement to see if it is better but right now I can't say I would endorse this item. And since I will not be back in Ontario I don't see me taking it back to the store ( which would be a big hassle anyway). Let me know.

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