27 April 2009

Fees on Fees - Airlines hit you up

What is it with certain airlines?
First you have rumour that Ryan Air in England is going to charge a pound to use the loo.

US Airwarys is charging $15 to check bags (April 2009)
But the kicker here is that if you pay for it in person at the airport they tack on an extra $5.00 PER BAG.
They want to push people onto their on line payment system.
I know that most of us are in the digital age.
Many of my older relatives and friends feel that this is the ice age.
So some little old grannie is going to be searching for the best fare
(most likely in person as her travel agent)

She's going to get to the airport - and depending on which airline she's flying with - she's going to be charged for checking her bags.
So that meager about she managed to save is gone.

And the double whammy is that since you can't check in liquids  she is forced to check in her own bag.

When are they going to get reasonable about that again?
It's been years of a nuisance factor for someone who travels a lot.

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