26 May 2009

Cripes - does Air Canada's Aeroplan ever offer 25,000 mile points

You now there is no way to complain to Aeroplan - all I know is that will try to squeeze every last mileage point out of you and say it is simply because they don't have enough seats. Bull. If you hold points I suggest you use them as quickly as possible as I think they are just going to grab more and more points as they have soooooo overextended themselves. Can you imagine - 50,000 points to go from Vancouver to Newfoundland. And worse yet when I checked out options yesterday they actually did have some seats - or at least it appeared that way. No way can one verify that  is for sure!

This is their nice pat explanation: Some flight reward seat combinations, including Elite Priority Rewards, may require different mileage amounts due to the number of Priority Reward seats vs. ClassicFlight and Star Alliance Flight Reward seats that are available for you to book on a particular flight. To ensure you can take advantage of the best-possible total mileage, we will calculate your amount on a seat-by-seat basis.

And any they let you calculate seat by seat but they won't let you actually book just a one way ticket which would be the fair thing to offer.

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