09 June 2009

B&B Cornerbrook - Steady Brook, NL

On my second night in Newfoundland (say it newfinland very quickly not New Found Land) I stayed at the very traditional Wilton's Bed & Breakfast.

They have three rooms upstairs. Mine was a queen size bed with simple basic furnishings and wall to wall carpeting. They had wireless plus a visitor computer set up which was a nice tough.

Claude and Ulah were very pleasant. Claude answered the doorbell - he had been snoozing on the couch. When I saw him later in the day he has been using the weeder at his daughter-in-law's house and managed to crack his head on a tree limb that had been recently cut. It was a rather nasty bump. Ulah had a church meeting that evening at 8 PM but she still took some time out to show me the route to go up the mountain to see the falls.

Breakfast was a couple of nicely warmed muffins (which I think had been pulled out of the freezer), a lovely fruit salad that she had prepared, some decent coffee with 1% milk (they also have .5% milk - I wonder if that is skim milk) and since I was alone Ulah entertained me with her stories.

1-877-634-5796 cuwilton@nf.sympatico.ca  709-634-5796  57 Marble Drive www.bbccanada.com/455html

The rate are around $70 plus the provincial and federal taxes which tacks on an extra $12 - $15
They also mentioned that next time I come in very late that they would be happy to leave the front door open - that makes sense given that Air Canada arrives around 2 AM in the morning.  I would not think of intruding on a B&B location so late but they offered and thus I would take them up on that next time around.

The weather was lovely - a slight chill but the buds were all out and it seems that they are about 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

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