12 June 2009

FedEx Staff to the Rescue

Frustration - standing at the closed doors of the FedEx office by the YYZ - huge facility.
They don't open till 8 AM and it is now just past 7 AM.
Drop box is there but it only offers standard packages and mine is an odd one.

Go for coffee at Tim Horton's (why don't they offer wireless I wonder)
Must fight traffic along Derry Road, turn at Airport and finally spot the TH.
Coffee is actually good and costs less than a toonie.

Get back there around 8:25 PM. None of their boxes will fit.
Go to counter and that is where I get the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE of the day from Fernando.
Great gentleman who quickly told me that he might have a box for me that would fit.
He brought out a used vegetable oil box that fit my item perfectly.
Taped it up. Had a sense of humour. And sent me out the door.

Totally erased my earlier annoying opinion of Fedex.
Thank you Fernando - people like you make the world an easier place to live in.

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