21 June 2009

My Day at the Toronto Zoo on Cheetah Watch

I had the most amazing day at the Toronto Zoo today voluteering to watch the Cheetah's interact with each other or as it went not interact!! They are trying to mate the female cheetah with one of the 4 male's they have and it is not
going so well. The zoo keeperes do not have time to sit around and watch the behavior or interaction of these wonderful animals so they asked for some volunteers to sign up and watch them. It was great!!! I got to sit in the sun and enjoy the wilderness in the middle of Scarboro to see how the animals got along with each other. Apparently they are not taken by the female and vice versa so it is making mating a little difficult at this point. When in the wild they are not told who they can mate with they just pick each other out and a way they go...not so much in captivity. The zoo has been very successful in breeding Cheetah's in the past and they are hopeful these males and female will come around. I guess there is always next month!!
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