13 July 2009

Chimney and Habour View Views

Our final night in St. Johns Newfoundland was at the Rendell-Shea Manor which is rated 4 1/5 stars.
It was one of the rare houses that remained standing after the fires that destroyed St. John's

We had the harbour view room (which you could see if you stood up - in the distance the holding tanks for Irving Oil dotted the hillside).

The real view was the centuries old chimney that faced our window gently blowing smoke - the smell of wood burning waffled through the room. Rather pleasant actually.

The room was a lovely appointed room but the bathroom looked like something out of Grande Prairie (meaning it lacked any sense of style and was just there).

The owner was a trendy looking guy who had his mom's picture in a nice frame in the hallway. Shoes needed to be left outside before entering the house.  It has the slight feel of a museum but at the age of this house it is easy to understand (Such a Canadian thing I find - mind you when you think about what is on the bottom of our soles there is a good reason to remove your shoes at front doors)


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