11 September 2009

Best take on lunch for flight

Today on my YVR to YYZ flight I brought my own lunch from home.
It was an Ocean's light tuna italian salad. 
What I liked about it:

- comes with own napkin and spoon.
- a mere 150 calories
- the ingredients are 98% perfect (there are two ingredients I don't recognize but they are way down on the list of ingredients - gycerol monosterate and xathan gum)
- sodium is a bit high - 13% of your daily value
- mixture of tuna, pasta and vegetables
- a tin can (much better than plastic)
- a cardboard outer
- actually tastes good
- www.oceanfish.com

Jet stream coming down from the north just announced - the turbulence is starting since the flight attendants are now also going to get buckled up. It is always a bit frightful as the air can be do bumpy. But it is also very normal. Funny though I always try to listen to the stress in the voices of those making the announcements.

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