09 February 2010

New Year's Eve my warrior heart found itself at the Yale

Classic spot in Vancouver - didn't realize they were tied into the Cecil, the infamous strip joint (whose rooms I'm sure are now sold out for the Games even if they had not sold a room by late December).

Lots of fun watching Billy Dixon with the Solid Gold Sisters of Soul.

The Solid Gold Sisters of Soul were a blast - since there was no change room it was fun to see them prepping in the girls loo. Lillooet Fox, Carleen Lay and Vicky SJohall.

The hot buffet was a disappointment only because they had no controls in place so many people were lining up for seconds and my the time I got there with my two friends - well I think there was some stuffing left.  But we did get the party favours and the free champagne (but why do they call it free when you had to part with $40 or so at the door). 

Hmm, don't be a Yale YIP as the passes aren't accepted on NY Eve - hopefully they at least offered those people first choice of tickets as the even was a sold out affair.

And I see I had a few more email addresses I had wrote down onto the rather ripped up guide - sorry Michelle - I was going to get those photos to you. As for Hahanee - hmm, okay maybe I was having too much fun as I talked to just about everyone it seemed (that is what happens when you are rounding up dates for your friends!)

Photos hopefully will be posted very soon!

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