09 August 2010

Lexi took a tumble down a hill at the Dog Park today

Oh my goodness, Lexi took a tumble rather a leap down the side of a hill at Greenwood today trying to catch her ball and she stumbled on a root from a tree and impailed herself.

I knew it was bad when I saw her leg splay out as she went down the hill after her stupid ball, note to self, no more balls for awhile. She remind at the bottom of the hill licking herself. I kept calling her to come up because there was no way I was getting down that hill and back up again without some challenges. When she came up and I saw the gash, I almost passed out, thank god there was no blood or I probably would have.

We rushed off to the Vets, not blood was coming out so I was thankful for that. When we arrived at the Vets he said Lexi was a very lucky dog, it could have been sooooooooooo much worse, she could have hit an arteary(?) or her mammoray glands, all of which did not work in her favor....thank god she one sliced her skin opening, LOL!!

She has 12 staples in her belly and alot of blood. She is sleeping and not in much pain due to the drugs, thank god for those. We will be back to the Vets in 10 days or so to have the staples removed.

For now we walk the streets and no more balls for awhile....I'm thinking the winter!!!!

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