05 August 2010

Meet Lexi, my new Golden puppy!!!

This is the newest addition to my family, Lexi!! She is a 5 month old Golden Retriever and is absolutely the sweetest little puppy. I was walking through the mall today and thought I would pop into the pet store to see what doggies were in the windows and there she was. I was not intending to buy a dog tonight especially from a pet store but when I saw her she was sleeping, minding her own business and I walked by her kennel and took a look at the other dogs but for some reason I knelt down and just watched her for a couple of minutes, she seemed to be sooooo lonely. I went up to the cash deak and asked to see the golden puppy and if the male was still available, they said "No, he had been sold earlier that day".

They said "she" (they don't name the dogs, I guess they don't want to get too attached) was depressed because her brother was not with her anymore. I wonder if that was true or not or were trying to make the sale???

How sad I thought, call me a sucker??? So I asked if I could take her out of her crate but I knew if I did that I could not come home without her, that would not be fair. She came out of her crate and was so happy to see someone, we bonded instantly. How could you not love that cute little face???

I walked her around the store and she was sooooo happy to "be free", she was a little shy at first, who wouldn't be after being locked up in a kennel all your life?

I am very happy with my new puppy and I hope to have a very long and joyful life with her!!!!

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