18 March 2011

One bad apple

I'm at the Toronto airport ready to fly home and stopped in one of the food/coffee stops close to my gate 33. They had Granny Smith apples which I love but at $1.49 per piece they simply were not worth my time. Smallish, bruised - badly bruised - why would I waste my cold hard cash. They had bananas as well at the same price - they looked great - if you were making banana bread.

I asked them about the fruit offerings and I was told that was how they always came in. It just is so frustrating to hear that since the Ontario Food Terminal is just 20 minutes away. You could easily have beautiful, crunchy, non - bruised apples every day. Right now it is tough time to buy apples - our local stuff was picked 6 months ago; imported South American fruit is just starting to come in so it is hard to find a good apple right now in the middle of March.
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