08 March 2011

Park Inn on 27 near Rexdale

Expedia came through once again. I was looking for an inexpensive place following a 10:30 PM arrival at the YYZ (did you know that all airports in Canada start with a Y). The Park Inn at Rexdale on hwy 27 at around $70/evening did the trick.

I was upgraded to a jacuzzi suite which was nice but no good for me as I'm travelling on my own, it is late and I'll be out the door by 7:30 am!

Complimentary internet that was easy to access, coffee machine in the room (I travel with my own tea bags - lemon tonight) - all the basics. You could have done cartwheels in room 106 as it was huge. Now at 6 AM - if you didn't want to venture out in the minus 8 (according to the jazz station I'm listening to) - you can have coffee in our room (with that dreaded powdered milk or some non dairy equivalent that is made up of som oil by product) but there is nothing out front but some take out menus. Mind you they do have a free breakfast that I'm going to check out. Seems most people are pleasantly surprised.

It would be a bonus if they actually had plates that weren't made of styrofoam so let's find out.

Okay so let's see lots of cereal i.e. froot loops, packaged small jams/peanut butters/ white or brown toast, coffee / tea, juices. They had warming plates out but they were empty. Given it is already 7:22 AM I'm not sure what time they fill those. The best part was a platter of cut pineapple, watermelon, melons and grapes - something fresh and living to consume.

And big drag - those cheap land fill clogging styrofoam plates and plastic knives and forks. I used the mug out of my room so skipped the cardboard for my morning coffee.
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