15 May 2011

Pull a 60-tone FedEx 757 aircraft 12 feet

ORBIS Canada hopes to raise $100,000 through this odd challenge - pull a plane! Donations support programs to prevent and treat blindness of children in developing countries. www.orbiscanada.ca
We were the odd #13 team out since we didn't have a full 25 helping to pull - but we did it in 4.4 seconds - once the other 23 last minute volunteers joined us.
It was a cool and blustery morning but many still came out to help pull a FedEx plane for charity.
A hot cup of coffee or tea would have been a bonus but none was to be found.
Our official time 4.4 seconds. Very cool. Can you believe it is mid May in Vancouver??
They even allowed Gerald one of our pullers to sit in the captains seat!

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