30 January 2012

Kick a little butt with Raz Chan

Jab, cross, jab
Three times a week I have faithfully being taking kick boxing classes with www.razchanfitness.com/
Sometimes they are outside but most often they are in the basement of a church. Anywhere from 15 to 30 women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds show up for an hour of breathing hard, sweating and being tough on our bodies.

I need to post some new photos as gradually I am seeing a difference in my body. First off I'm getting stronger. My lungs are stronger - I love doing a flight of stairs and not huff or puff. And while I haven't lost any weight my clothes are fitting better. (I do not have a scale - throw yours out or keep it to weigh only luggage and the cat). My suggestion to anyone is to sign up to a local kickboxing class - ideally when you are in your twenties or thirties so you can embrace the beauty of a healthy, strong body. 

These were taken last year early autumn - I need to take some new photos as my tape measure and my clothing tells me that I'm looking leaner and fitter! To see a few of the photos from class click on words that say raz chan outdoor classes - not sure where they show up on this post. It will take you to the picasa website; on the left side of the screen you will see the words slideshow - click that and you will see the class in action. This isn't your normal class as usually we are in the bottom of a building close to this park.  

Raz Chan Outdoor classes

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