28 March 2012

Taking to the streets

  1. I really am trying to like blogsy. So far I am so very lost.
  2. Just another new tool to learn that for some reason is not intuitive for me. Like where is spell check?
  3. Hmm I like the adding list button
  4. So I swipe and it just flips to the HTML page
  5. Now how do I post this? I thought I could just hit the plus sign I see in the upper right corner. Not so. Is it worth the five bucks? Jury, is still out on #blogsy
  6. What the heck is a more tag
  7. Write first then format
  8. Where did they hide the search button on blogsy. How do I upload this mess? Okay found search under the blog. WTH should the search button not be on every page?
  9. Hmm is that grey triangle suppose to be below this text?


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