29 October 2013

Love the sign promoting fresh eggs

Road Warrior Chick commenting on egg signage. There is nothing I like
better than picking up fresh eggs from roadside stands, farmer's
markets, even at the grocery store (in the UK they actually sell eggs
from your normal everyday chicken to many more exotic ones (okay I admit
maybe only exotic to me). Usually the eggs can range from $3 to $6.50
(that would be organic eggs at the Kitsilano Farmer's Market in
Vancouver, BC).

Yes you can pick up those cheaper by the dozen eggs at any discount and
large corporate style retailer out. But right now I can afford to give
chickens a better life and give my body a better meal. After all,
everything you eat becomes part of the billions of cells your body is
made of. And then there is the taste factor - a lot of my eggs are
poached and the essential flavour of the egg itself becomes ever more

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