04 February 2014

My stay at Hotel Ändra Feb 2014

Hotel Ändra - http://www.hotelandra.com/

There is something luxurious about sliding into a tightly made bed where
the sheets just seem to caress your skin. You stretch out and just take
over the square footage of your sleeping spot. The room is simple,
almost stark with the essentials.

And I love the Tivoli radio - it was intuitive and took me minute to
figure it out. Plus better yet, no major digital glow, an analog face
)(I'm sure there are people out there right now who cannot tell time
that way - please prove me wrong) and great sound.

The room is small but it feels roomy for one. Sleek shower heads and a
tub (room 416, lights that gradually turn on and off so very gentle, all
the basics covered off for me including a robe, a firm but soft bed,
plenty of pillows (even though I just sleep with one).

They offered to upgrade me but I'm here for just one night and the
$135.00 rate I got doesn't include all the taxes. For the actual 8 hours
that I will spent in here that rate is just fine. Plus the totally over
the top insane parking fee of $40 (could I just sleep in my car) so no
thanks. As for the parking it seems that it is attack the car driver in
downtown Seattle - even the parking lot wanted $40.00 and street parking
is limited to 2 hours.

I also have to include the exchange rate as our loonie continues to head

They have some nice green touches - full size containers of shampoo,
conditioner and soap with travel size soap at the sink; no plastic bag
in the garbage container, the typical note about keeping the same
bedsheets for the duration of your visit. Ditto on the towels.

The Voss water, at $3.50 a bottle, was at least in a glass container.
Now I just noticed that this bottle of water has a nutritional label on
it - seriously does the USA (or maybe even Canada) require one to put a
nutrition label on water??

It is embossed directly on - but big bonus points for using glass. More
expensive to transport but nothing nasty leaching out of the plastic
into my water which then gets drunk by my body and enters into one of
the millions of cells that I have. Ah what the heck - I'm going to drink
tap water anyway. Seattle seems pretty safe in that regards.

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