13 January 2007

Cloud to Sand & Sun

  1. 20 years ago some Swedish children decided to save the rainforest.
  2. A veggie burger with some amazing lemonade.
  3. The girls are waiting up for me.
  4. The wind howled all night long.
  5. 6:43 AM we are on the road again
  6. 12:45 PM - the first beach
  7. "Don't be afraid of us", the boys say.
  8. Imperial beer - freezer is best
  9. Do I really want to sleep in a dorm?
  10. This is Disney Land though it reminds me more of wreck beach.
  11. Chilling.

Nightwalks in the Childrens Forest - such a cool story - and they say kids don't do much? My preach today - give to environmental charities - $500 maybe $1,000 - or if you don't have cash give your time. Francis our tour guide for a group of 8 was totally passionate about what he was doing. And finally I spotted something first - the tiny pygmy frogs!

What did I learn:
- sloths look like they weight a lot but really just 15 to 20 pounds
- mostly vegan though they will sometimes snack on bird eggs.
- they have predators - eagles for one.
- moths keep their winds open when they land; butterflies close them up
- little frogs are REAL little (think of the size of your pinkie finger)
- trantulas have eight eyes but they can't really see - and the twenty year old one I saw was big - say as big as the palm of my adult hand.
- scorpions here give a nasty bite but if you pee on the bite the pain will vanish.
- use a black light to see the venom that inhabits their body - very cool.

Dinner - delicious.
Lyra and Gale are waiting up and they are excited that finally I have seen my sloths.
Sleep was tough - do you know how loud the wind can be?
Monteverde to Quepos - it is doable in one day.
Lyra and Gale book into Hotel Maripossa (thank you thank you thank you for letting me take advantage of the pool). And the drunken men at the pool above - no we aren't afraid - we just want water that hasn't been peed in. Men will be boys after all.
Hostel Sierna - one of the best sunsets possible - this huge glowing ball of fire that quickly dropped into the Pacific Ocean. Took all of 5 minutes.
Ohh, I got a bite or maybe two. Coming up to 9 PM.
Imperial Beer - stick in freezer, put timer on to remind yourself it is there and then immerse yourself into conversations with other backpackers.
So how many more sarongs could I buy? Hmm, does anyone want one?
Should I be thinking about my life?

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