13 January 2007

Ever Jump Out of a Matapalo Tree?

Jump and feel no fear.

How to survive in the jungle.

Look the monkey highway

Tanya, our fearless Australian guide, got us to try hibiscus and terminator ants (those black nests are everywhere you look and they are a good source of protein - don't know how many you need to eat) .... then she got us to scale a 200 ft ficus tree that takes anywhere from 2 to 8 minutes to get to the top (depending if you stop at the "dancing pole" or check out the cheeky bats that are tucked in the bat cave). Once you reach the top, you stand up, ring the bell, take a look at the view and then jump. What a rush.

All this is yours for just $50.00 US cash or travellor's cheque - no electrictiy out here so that means no credit cards - and that is for real.

Later we stopped for a pedicure/manicure (okay so they were small crayfish that ate your cuticles), did a facial (using local clay) and had a massage (stood under the waterfall for a good five minutes. Refreshments - just drink from the natural spring that is gushing out at the side (free from any monkey poo which is a good thing).

Hiking the way back we first heard the rustling of the trees - we looked up - it was the monkey highway! These fellas just kept passing us by as they gracefully swinged from branch to branch casually checking us out - at times stopping and peering at us but usually just retreating and getting further away from us.