04 January 2007

Costa Rica San Jose Jan 2007 - First few days

I've discovered that re-adjusting my time clock in Costa Rica is a good thing. The days start much earlier with birds chirping, traffic sounds, garbage pick up, cats running on rooftops, dogs barking in the distance and many tour pick-ups starting as early at 6:30 AM.

With a nightfall that happnes at 6:30 PM you can see why this city awakens early. And given the location of Costa Rica it seems that this is the normal sunset time year-round. I'm sure that there is night life but I've actually have tucked in by 9 PM most evenings.

I've been in San Jose for 5 nights now which is both good and bad. The pollution from the diesel buses and trucks is frightful and I can see why people escape as quickly as they can. And I have been warned so many times to watch for petty thief that I have become a little paranoid but so far there have been no problems - so I am starting to relax a bit more.

Since I'm waiting on people to arrive I have done the following:
- switched accommodations
- taking a 4 in one tour
- explored downtown San Jose
- rented a jeep for one day and explored the country side
- have put up with the rigours of changing money and using US cash
- discovered that on Sundays most everything does close down
- and have changed my mind dozens of time as to what I will do

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