16 February 2007

Missed the flight

Took a little longer at the meeting and ended up calling Air Canada to cancel my executive class flight - kinda funny as I was against spending $400 for this flight and since I missed it I was actually able to get onto a later flight for almost $200 less.

I live in a great city Vancouver but when it comes to dating I have to say the odds are against a chick past her prime but not yet over the hill. Since I'm been there for the past 15 years I would say that is also true for many young gorgeous women in their 20s and 30s. Come out the Alberta and the sightings are different. A chick might actually get a date, get lucky, find a partner in this town.

Thank goodness I have access to the Maple Leaf Lounge - got some work done on the computer, enjoyed some carrot and celery sticks along with a Boddington and maybe two, used the highspeed wireless and checked out all the men in the lounge.


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