12 March 2007

Contracts and phone companies

I really try to be a calm person. I read books like "Tuesdays with Morrie" (highly recommended - read a chapter every Tuesday to get full benefit.)

However sometimes it is amazing the little things that can trigger me off - like Telus phone service. They upgrade my phone service so all week when I pick up the phone I get a beep beep beep. I finally call repair. Go through the standard messages like, "This call may be monitored for quality" and such BS. I finally get a real person after I got to the repair section and got tired of listening to the computer voice give me options by saying "agent", "agent", "agent". Then I give my 10 digit phone number again, and my name and my mailing address. I ask why - for security. Security? I question - why when I'm a disgruntled consumer calling to get a repair on my voice mail do I need security clearance. It's my phone and I give you $120 plus every month for the use of it!

Anyhow he fixes me up - takes 5 minutes or so. He is nice and pleasant with me even if I was a grump and suggested that I could get a better package.

So I get passed over to Gordon, or was it Jordan, who gives me the sell job but here's the hitch. I must sign a contract for 1 year. If I move I have to pay a $120 cancellation fee. No it doesn't matter that I have been a Telus customer since forever, that all my equipment is from them, that I don't switch around every 6 months - no, it just matters that I sign a contract.


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