15 April 2007

Chemical Brownies or Not?

Ah I’m flying to Hawaii. Air Canada. Economy. Surprise, surprise they actually give you a meal. I just fluffed. I hope it stinks as I don’t care for the people in front of me who have put their chairs way back forcing me to straddle my seat so I can use my computer. Thankfully no one is sitting next to me. I'm highly anti-social today.

I have just consumed a Jazz Fine Foods Chocolate Chunk Brownie.(5065 Ontario Est, Montreal, Quebec H1V 3V2) The company is out of Montreal so it is nice that AC is supporting some Canadian suppliers.

Let’s see what did I just eat – a Brownie – which is normally made of eggs, butter, flour, sugar and chocolate. Now let’s take a peek at the ingredient list:

Sugar – got one right.
Enriched wheat flour – wow, wheat, go figure
Hydrogenated palm oil – nasty, haven’t they made the connection to heart disease yet? Cheap gross ingredient. Cocoa powder – sounds okay
Corn syrup solids – what is that? More sugar. But what else?
Chocolate liquor - sounds good
Albumen power – I think that is suppose to be an egg substitute. Something dried up.
Cocoa butter
Anhydrous dextrose – what is that – sugar again I think
Modified corn starch – what does the word modified mean?
Baking powder – most likely the aluminum kind
Natural and artificial flavors – USA spelling - need the u back as in flavours
Soybean Lecithin – huh?Mono and diglycerides
Proplene glycol micro fatty acids esthers – what the heck?
Sulphites – a preservative of sorts
BHA – anything is an acronym is 98% of the time nastyBHT – see above

And the classic warning: may contain traces of peanuts or nuts and/or milk ingredients and/or sesame seeds.

So really I just consumed some sort of chemical brownie. Now the majority of people will say stop being such a fuss pot. All I ask you to think about is why, even though we are living longer, are we getting more and more cancers?

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