23 April 2007

Smart Security Saves Time

Got home from Maui a few days ago. Got around to unpacking my bags - this alone can be a loitering process as it can take days and days before I finally empty my suitcases.

Tucked in the bottom: Notice of baggage inspection. To protect you and your fellow passengers, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is required by law* to inspect all checked baggage. As part of this process, some bags are opened and physically inspected. Your bag was among those selected for physical inspection.

During the inspection, your bag and its contents may have been searched for prohitibed items. Upon the completion of the inspection, the contents were returned to your bag.

.....unable to open...because it was locked....may have been forced to break the locks on your bag. TSA regrets doing this. Oops, typo, sincerely regrets having to do this. ...but we're not liable. Visit www.tsa.gov on how you can secure your bag the next time around.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation (as a traveller I actually did not choice so this type of double speak drives me mindly crazy) .

In English and in Spanish.

Welcome to Smart Security Saves Time.

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