10 May 2007

Farmed Fish & Pet Food - a connection?

I really like food and it annoys me to high heavens that I just can't nosh and graze as I please. In the Vancouver Sun on Wed May 9/07 front page the headline reads "pet food scare hits fish farms as BC firm recalls feed".

It appears that the US Food and Drug Admin discovered feed had been spiked with melamine, the same toxin linked to the pet food recall (and I think melamine raises the protein content of the product that it is used in). The fish feed shipped to aquaculture farms was suppose to be wheat gluten, a protein source imported from China. Oh yes here it is - the chemical melamine was added to wheat flour which then makes it more protein rich that it is.

Now we are being advised by BC Deputy provincial health officer Dr. Eric Young that we shouldn't be concerned. Right. Except it appears that this product was also placed into the feed that is given to pigs and chickens. So at what point do we need to be concerned?

I think right now. The animals that are grown in Canada should be feed what our soils can produce - not imported feed from China, the USA, the USSR or wherever imported feed comes from. It is healthier for us, easier to trace, kinder on the environment and better for the animals.

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