28 February 2008

Vietnamese Delights

I could never be a restaurant critic - or I would need to take copious notes and never enjoy the meal. I enjoyed the meal, the company and the wine. All quite lovely - all well balanced.

Conversations centered on everything from Chilean politics to the foods we were indulging in.

Papaya Salad* Shredded & tossed w/ dried sesame beef & basil.
Seared Day Boat ScallopsPosted by Picasa

I was treated to a lovely meal at Tamarine - I had taken the CalTrain to Redwoods and my friends drove me over to Palo Alto, CA. Walking into the restaurant was like walking into a sea of calmness.

We started with Popcorn Rock Prawns Batter fried rock prawns served w/ apple fennel slaw, Tahitian vanilla aioli & Kochuyan aioli -all presented in three small dishes. Delightful.

Others dishes included Ha Long Bay Soup Crab wontons served in a consommé infused w/ coriander & coconut milk; Cumin Spiced Duck Seared cumin crusted Sonoma duck breast w/ huckleberry gastrique & sauteed green beans; Sambal Loup De Mer Whole fish served w/ dried scallop & mango salad. Finished w/ pineapple-sambal sauce. Coconut Coconut, vanilla, roasted coconut flakes plus naked Jasmine Rice.

I must not let the hip size reduce - so I indulged in the dessert.