17 March 2008

Monday was a total rush

It was a total rush as I finished up my taxes, wrote a speech for the Healthy Chefs, finalized some Oppy press materials, setn out a newsletter on blueberries. The plan was to leave to leave at 2:00 PM - I finally got out at 2:30 which is a record for me. Picked up Laura and had her drive so I could sort out my papers, found Jaso at 23rd and Granville and made it to the airport in plenty of time.

The United Airlines check in was awkward and not very professional but we got through. I asked them to wrap by backpack in a plastic bag which they were kind enough to do. That was one nice bonus even if the check in process felt like 30 minutes.

The Air Canada lounge was greatly appreciated. One nice thing about being an elite member is that I'm allowed to go in along with a guest. So we got to enjoy magazines, a cPublish Postomputer and internet connection, snacks, beverages - everything from coffee/tea to wine/beer.

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