05 May 2008

Those bits and pieces of paper - Vilcabamba

After any trip I always end up with bits and pieces of paper. What to do with them? is the question that haunts me. Simple answer if you are like one of my friends - just toss them. But no......that would be too easy. What happens if I go back to Ecuador or someone asks me to make recommendations?

There is Vilcabamba Cabanas Rio Yambala - an ecological center that was established 20 years ago. Their flyer is a simple black and white one that I picked up and you can click here for their website

What appealed to me:
- riverside sauna - relax for free in our Finnish style sauce
- free use of bicycles
- book exchange (need to add this to my tips on Ecuador)
- English spoken (trust me if you haven't taken time to learn a bit of Spanish you will want some English speakers around you). One of the intriguing and free places to learn Spanish is at BBC Languages.
- tree canopy tour
- in the midst of typical Andean community
- homemade granola and whole wheat bread
- local guies

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