06 May 2008

Travel Clinic Locations - Are my shots up to date?

Oh yes the concern of travelling without the right immunizations, vaccines or at least awareness of them is something that often crosses my mind - right about a week before I'm ready to fly - by then all the clinics are booked or there isn't enough time to allow for secondary shots.

General Travel Advice from the Pulic Health Agency of Canada can be found here.

Here is the link to travel health clinics are across Canada and the main page of the Canadian Society for International Health in case the link above doesn't work.

The clinic that I go to in Vanocouver stamps a little yellow booklet that I keep with my passport. If I happen to get a shot elsewhere and I don't have the little yellow booklet with me I get the stamp on a piece of paper and I just tape it into my little yellow booklet later on.

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