21 October 2008

You would think an American Express Plantinum card would give better service

I have been a member since 1989.
Now I'm wondering what is the point of continuing to pay for such a card.

Oh the lady is nice enough on the phone,

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry"
and then she just parrots whatever I said back to her. HOW ANNOYING>

She could not bloody well explain than when I called and asked for a replacement card I had advised the agent I did not wish a new number.

I wanted to replace the card that I had with a new one - just the card, not the number.
The magnetic strip on the back was being rejected by many retailers such as Canada Post.

Canada Post was not willing to punch in my card number. So I gave them my Visa instead.
Which messes me up - I try to keep one card for personal and one card for business.
This has happened several times - the magnetic strip was done for.

The easy solution - ask for another card from American Express.

So the new card comes - I make the major error of not double checking the number.
I just call the hot line to say I have received it.
The male mechanical voice says that lost or stolen cards will have a new number.
This card was not lost nor stolen. So I ignore the message. Punch in the numbers.
Voila! Card is activated.

Oh no there is a new number.
How many items are automatically charged to this card?
I am leaving in two days having just come back from a 10 day biz trip.
I really do not need the aggravation of having to figure out who has my card and who I must call and update.

How bloody annoying!
I call back. Punch in my security code. Punch 0 to get a real person.
Spend several minutes explaining the situation, being apologized to, but still being in the same position when I first made the call.

I ask Linda the agent (do you notice that NO ONE had a last name any more yet they have all the details of your life) a simple question:

"What can American Express do for me?"

The answer: I'm sorry. Nothing. (Or words to that effect - I'm paraphrasing since I don't have a good enough memory to parrot it back to you dear reader).

Bloody hell you aren't sorry. You are just a parrot.

It doesn't matter that I'm frustrated.
That I explain that I don't have time for this right now.
That I am not angry at her but at the policies of American Express.
And all she can say is that she is sorry.

So I say I want to cancel the card.
Well then she wants all the security questions and answers.
I told her I already punched in my pass code.
Her reply - it doesn't come up to this level.

Great. Well I decided to hang up and call back when I am a bit more relaxed.
I think I will just sit back and think about the phrase in the letter that was included in my new card package.

"This will allow you to continue to take advantage of the many outstanding benefits, personalized service and special recognition that come with Platinum Card membership".


At this very moment I don't have the time to deal with this.

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