20 October 2008

The Joy of sitting on the Tarmac - just give me a glass of wine!

It is 12:15. The voice over the intercom has just announced that economy class passengers may purchase items from the on board cafe. Fund are accepted in US or Cdn dollars. Lovely. It doesn't matter that the canceled my 8 AM flight to Halifax and booked me onto a 10 AM. It doesn't matter that due to technical problems the flight was delayed by 1 hour. Nor does it matter that we were 16th in line to get de-iced and that took another hour.

We had the pleasure of sitting on the tarmac, not allowed to use our phones or crackberries (and this is the last time I tuck my handbag into the overhead compartment as I would have used it to at least message my people), for nearly 2 1/2 hours. They don't care that I have two appointments and a flight back to Toronto the next morning. I won't complain as I have never got a response in the past. I'll just up with it. Thank goodness I'm Elite as I have a chance to escape into the lounge and drink my frustrations away.

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