20 October 2008

Check in Now! It let's you avoid at least one line up.

The one thing the airlines have done right - they allow you to check in on line.
And if you can't print out your boarding pass you can send it to your mobile.
Very cool.
Very smart.

(mind you there must be something wrong with by crackberry as the SMS doesn't seem to work on my phone).

And very good for people like me who arrive at the airport as close to the latest time possible.

At least I no longer get the lecture - you have arrived 3 minutes late and we cannot check you in even if the flight isn't for another hour.

Have you ever been brow beat by some uppity check in agent. They pretend they are being polite but really they are telling you off in the nicest way possible. Trust me - I've tried that trick before.

Airlines have had years and years to sort out the logistics of getting your luggage on board and herding us like domestic animals through the check-in progress

....the stand in line and drop your bags off line up

... the let me check your board pass before you go in for physical security clearance

.....the security clearance system where you might or might not have to remove your shoes, coat, belt, or you might not, the pull out your ID and wait to get into the plane line up, the loo line up and finally at long last the wait for my luggage line up.

Now I can't even remember where I was going with the rant. I think it had to do with line ups!

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