20 October 2008

Rosen Centre Hotel - they don't make it easy on the web

In the next few days I am going to be checking into an award winning hotel in Orlando Florida for 4 nights. The room, at $213/night, was booked for me. I decided to jump on their website at http://rosencentre.com/

There are few things I wanted to confirm:

- fitness room (They want an extra $10 per day on top of the $213 I'm already paying)

- high speed internet (crazy - it doesn't say it is included but it also doesn't tell you if it is - why aren't they just upfront) - after much searching I did find it but had to open a PDF file to get the answer.

- shuttle from the airport - it does say it is 12 minutes but it doesn't tell you if you need to take an airport shuttle or if there is a dedicated shuttle. Found that to eventually. Would you believe $17 one way on a shuttle or $38 by taxi. Yikes. I know that all my expenses are being picked up however I am still aware of how much it costs to travel.

- contact them - nope, that isn't easy either, for the "Ask a Concierge" page you must submit a form 8 pieces of information - I just want answers to easy questions - why can't I just ask the question and give them either my name or my confirmation number at the hotel.

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