20 October 2008

Luggage takes hours - don't self tag!

It was suppose to be an easy and simple flight from Montreal to Toronto.
It is now 16.23. I have been here since 15.23

My one box marked fragile arrived right away.

My one lone suitcase is still missing in action.
This was going to be was one short and quick flight.

Now I will be in the thick of rush hour Toronto traffic.

An hour later I walk over to the luggage desk.
Confirmed that there is no more luggage to come off.
Passed over my tickets.
They asked if I had self bagged.
I said yet but that I had also taken them to the priority counter to
have them tagged.
Apparently I had not tagged them right.
Yet one of their agents checked it.
Anyhow luggage was found in Montreal.
It would be delivered later tonight.

And it was.
My a very nice outside courier company.

This must cost the airlines a lot of money.
It is also the last time I self tag my own baggage.
If I can't get it right the first time who are they kidding??

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