17 October 2008

Hear this! Air Canada now charges $3 for headphone sets

One of my sore points with Air Canada has been the tossing of thousands of headphone sets over the past several years.

Verbally they have always added a claimer like - "We will be collecting headsets, ......oh you are welcome to take them home with you otherwise we are throwing them out"
Nice, pass the guilt.

Then they got better. They started advising people to use their own earphones.
But they still kept on tossing the Air Canada headphones.

Then, as the air line stew told me today, they have been selling the headphone sets for the last 3 months but it has officially started this month - October 08.

Funny thing is that I've been on a number of Air Canada flights in the past few months and Air Canada hasn't been coming out asking me for cash for headphone sets.

It is official now. EnRoute tells us. You can read the full segment on page 168

They state the obvious - millions of used earphones (I was long off since I said thousands)

...long encouraged customers to bring their own sets....wonder how they did that. I was told about it once but I haven't really seen any notices elsewhere (For example when I check in on line; in the lounge; in EnRoute magazine; in the emails they send me (mind you I don't read all of them)

Now not only do we have to pay $2.00 extra bucks for a pillow and a blanket, we are now asked to pay $3.00 for a headphone set.
(The same ones that I have been collecting for quite some time. See my earlier photo.)

New quality earphones ...so they write in Enroute. It looks like what they were handing out before. I didn't feel like dishing out $3 to see if that was true or not.

What I like best in the Enroute magazine piece - the extra "push the onus" on me at the bottom

- get the electronic boarding pass
- pack light
- purchase carbon offsets

Why can't Air Canada just do the right thing - they used to collect and reuse the headphone sets.
Why did they ever stop in the first place (and spare me the safety factor).

Next prediction: Air Canada now charges for headphone sets. I'm sure that in the near future they will charge for viewing the stations.
And then they will charge for using the toilets much like many places in Europe.

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