11 October 2008

Distributing Trend with Cdn Companies - I want to pay in Cdn Dollars!

Attention: Kalle Lasn

Am I tad annoyed?

Annoyed enough to send a respond to a faceless generic email address.

You ask a Canadian resident to renew a subscription - a gift one at that - and you have the gall to ask me to pay for it in US dollars.

I don't invoice in US dollars, I don't get paid in US dollars and I'm not going to renew a magazine subscription from a Vancouver based company that I have supported since I moved to Vancouver in the mid 90s - especially one that is going to a Canadian address. Does your staff get paid in US dollars? I imagine not.

This is a very disturbing trend that I've been observing. Enough is enough.

I rather pay with Canadian dollars at a Canadian magazine shop somewhere on Broadway or Main and get my Canadian Adbusters magazine in a Canadian fashion.

Please take a flying leap or check your head out or do whatever you did to do to give yourself a reality check.

Post note: I got a note from Ad Busters telling them me that I was rude and that there was a Canadian segment once you started using their system. At least a real person got back to me even if she had a chip on her shoulder.

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