19 November 2008

Montreal: Cafe Vasco Da Gama

Late last night I checked into Le Cantlie Suites, which is in a great area. Near Crescent Street, a couple of streets up from St. Catherine, Best Western Ville Marie - which is also a decent hotel to stay in for the price) is kiddy corner.  hotelcantlie.com

Instead of spending $22 on hotel parking I took street parking. That itself if tricky - am I reading the signs correctly (since they are all in French); will I be towed; what time do I need to feed the meter or leave by. I keep telling myself to take photos or at least to jot down the common ones so I'm not standing there struggling with what day is lun??

My room has two large double beds with comfy duvets. The room is spacious and there is even a galley kitchen. The washrooms are fresh and clean. The hotel staff, French but friendly. The windows look like they could open but they seem to have been painted shut (I like to open my hotel windows and get air that hasn't been re-circulating for years). And the price was great - booked it off of Expedia.ca for just under $80.00  (and this is unusual as this area is not inexpensive - I think it must be this particular week as even my car rental was just $15/day).

This morning - since we aren't meeting until 8:30 - I put on my yoga gear and flat comfy shoes and took off for a brisk (and rather brief) walk - found Cafe Vasco da Gama (vascodagama.ca) at 1472 rue Peel H3A 1S8 which was darling, great jazzy blues French music playing; offering up champagne and juices (nicely displays in what looked like a built in ice bucket); some pasteries (no bagels - drag); a small offering of sea salts and vinegars. It looked like they had a more extensive breakfast menu offering. Several men enjoying their coffee and morning paper (and this does not mean gay men just nice looking men in their 30s - 50s).  They must be connected to Ferreira Cafe (ferreiracafe.com)

There is a moistness to the air, the chill is just a little more pronounced but it looks like it will be another brilliant crispy November day in Montreal.

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