18 November 2008

Travel Websites recommended by the Montreal Gazette

Andy Riga  of the Montreal Gazette highlighted several websites that give practical information for  savings costs, from fares to accommodation.

I'd like to check them out but right now I'll just anchor them to this page so I can do so when I have a moment:

American Express Biz trave - 10 top cost saving tips for business travellers  http://tinyurl.com/5sazwx

Suites 101's guide to saving money on airfare http://tinyurl.com/69k6nt - might be USA oriented

Consumer reports http://tinyurl.com/554pmw

Hotel stays and how to get best deals http://tinyurl.com/63hjuz

Smarter Travel.com lowest fare spotter  http://www.smartertravel.com/airfare/guide

Booking tips before you book a flight: http://tinyurl.com/653td5; before you book a hotel http://tinyurl.com/63g4wx

About.com http://budgettravel.about.com
- useful hotel review sites http://tinyurl.com/5ljhp6
- cheap airfare page http://tinyurl.com/6zrwax

Budget Travel Magazine www.budgettravel.com - check out Tips & Experst section and Trip Coach


Source: Montreal Gazette, Nov 8/2008  airga (at) the gazette.canwest.com

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