10 December 2008

Planning 2009

Holy cow - I am trying to figure out why it's such a struggle to get a working Blog happening - it seems even hamsters and worms have them, yet I still battle with tiny details to get in here and get things working, despite Christine basically laying a path in front of me.
I would like to use this spot to discuss future plans for myself, the Sustainable Living Arts School and Edible Landscapes. Now that I've quit my day job, my financial survival is going to depend on having knowledge, plants, medicine and seeds that other want. I've been working hard to sort all this into small workable bundles. On top of it, tomorrow (drum roll here) my new book comes out - Invincible! Short fiction. This is my Christmas gift to friends and family, and then I'll sell some copies to pay the self publishing expense. It has been a fun job getting this book out, and I have lots of friends to thank for that. Meanwhile, it has been a diversion from ... oh right! Financial survival. Sigh.
I'll get some details up and running on that soon. Meanwhile, I will try to post my new book cover. Writing a book is a bit like giving birth, without all the messy bits (but with all of the moaning and thrashing!!).
Will talk soon,

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